Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everything I Ever Learned in Life, I Learned From My Mother

I learned that while Sunday dinner is mandatory; all other meals are optional.
I learned that even if your mostly Irish, if your last name is Ciliberti, you need to learn how to make sauce (even if you start with a can).
I learned that, eventually, the sound of the word “mom” said over and over again will cause temporary insanity.
I learned that phrases like “because I said so” and “she is not she; she is your mother” have an actual genetic component.
I learned that Neil Diamond can sing with the best of them, even if he is embarrassing to see in concert.
I learned to dance a tango, sing Christmas songs in July and how to take an ordinary event and use words to turn it into a story.
I learned that there is no greater parental punishment than quiet disappointment.
I learned that laughter is a requirement for living.
I learned that respect is an actual aura that surrounds a person.
I learned that loyalty is only second to love.
I learned that age is truly just a number and your mind determines how old you are.
I learned that stroking a child’s hair, no matter how old that child is, can heal all things.
I learned that sometimes it’s enough to want your children to have it all.
I learned that someone else's definition of happiness holds no bearing on the heart.
I learned how to love amidst pain and heartache.
I learned how to be a mother.